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Unlike other states, much of Texas is home to expansive clay soils, which shrink and swell due to the extreme changes in moisture content. These expansive soils can be significantly altered during fluctuations in temperature. Clay soils tend to expand and retain moisture in the wet months, while drying out and shrinking during the excessive heat of summer. As the clay retains additional moisture, swelling generally occurs, resulting in differential slab movements.

That’s where we come in. Soil stabilization is a process that controls the amount of moisture the clay contains. The purpose of soil stabilization is to increase the moisture content of the clay, keeping the structure secure in the future. The process regulates the expanding and shrinking of the ground under a slab or structure. It keeps the soil from experiencing changes significant enough to cause permanent damage. Maintaining a constant amount of moisture in the ground, keeps the foundation of a home stable and cracks from occurring on walls and ceilings. This process eliminates costly structural damages, which happen over time, resulting in more money spent on repairs.

  Expansive soils affect:
  • Building pad sites   • Decks  
  • Driveways   • Parking Lots
  • Walks   • Roads and Highways
  • Pools   • Airport Runways
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